Saturday September 19, 2020
Silvio Dalla Torre
Short Biography Concert - The Dalla Torre / Petersen Duo - Solo with Orchestra

The Dalla Torre / Petersen Duo

The rediscovery of a forgotten instrument excites interest among experts - and delight among concert audiences. Silvio Dalla Torre and Matthias Petersen are the first duo ever to present programmes for both bassetto and double bass with piano. On the chronology of the ensemble:

Silvio Dalla Torre and Matthias Petersen came together in early 2001 to form a permanent duo, at first exclusively with the instrumentation double bass and piano. Since this is very unusual, the intention was to gather initial impressions in the first concerts to see whether this combination would find favour with public and press.

In consequence of the extremely positive reception, the two musicians have developed an extensive repertoire. Their initial intention was always to do justice to the highest tonal and musical aspirations, and thereby to dispel the image of stolidness which persistently attaches to the double bass. Thus the cantabile quality of the instrument, which is made possible by the playing technique employed by Dalla Torre, was brought to the fore. Arrangements of important Romantic works therefore occupy a central place in the repertoire of the duo.

Since 2003, however, in addition to the double bass, Dalla Torre has played the bassetto, which was rediscovered by him after long research and development work. This is a "small bass violin" tuned in fifths, which has a compass similar in extent to that of the violoncello. This fascinating instrument experienced a heyday between 1650 and 1720, before falling into forgetfulness. It has a beautiful tonal colour, which is described as voluminous but radiant, noble in its low range and coppery in the high register, and it opens up a vast range of technical and musical possibilities. The ensemble´s first CD offers an impression: entitled "Songs, Chansons, Elegies" , it was released in April 2005. The duo’s second CD came on the market in 2008 and once more filled a gap by releasing unknown and some hitherto unrecorded double bass sonatas.

Today, the Dalla Torre / Petersen Duo interprets works from all stylistic epochs, presenting them in richly varied concert programmes. These are introduced by Silvio Dalla Torre, who provides interesting and entertaining insights into the background of the works. Enjoy these two artists at an extraordinary concert evening!

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