Wednesday October 28, 2020
Silvio Dalla Torre
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Henk te Hietbrink at work
I found the description by August Müller so convincing that I had a copy of the model he described made by the Dutch bowmaker Henk te Hietbrink. Henk already had experience in constructing heavy bows for the overhand grip. We worked together to develop
a German variant, which has such fine sound and playing qualities that I can only reiterate August Müllers statement: "This is a bow that everyone must applaud!"

Today, Henk te Hietbrink supplies heavy bows
for both the overhand and the underhand grip, weighing between 180 and 250 g depending on
personal preference and the purpose for which they are intended. For the stick, he uses South American ironwood (Swarzia), which is one of
the heaviest and hardest woods in the world
but which nevertheless has good elasticity.
This material has proved to be better for the construction of heavy bows than the pernambuco
traditionally used. The form of the ebony frog
was adapted to the special requirements. The maximum height of the German model is 42 mm. The headplate is of silver, and the hair, preferably from "black horses" has a width of
22 mm. The overall length of the bow is 80 cm.