Sunday September 20, 2020
Silvio Dalla Torre
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Double Bass Course

The atmosphere in our double bass class is char-
acterised by good spirits, mutual acceptance, support and reliability. Most important of all is the aspiration to professionalism: after all, following completion of nine to ten semesters at the Uni-
versity, the students should be in a position to find work in a cultural landscape now more and more threatened by cutbacks. In this context, here are some basic questions that need to be considered before starting a study course in music:
  • Why do I want to study music? Because being a "musician" is a good job,
    with which you can, if you are lucky, earn good money or become well-known?
    Or because I have such a powerful need to make music that I have no other professional option?
  • Am I ready to practice every day for the rest of my life, and to give up a great deal for it?
  • Can I accept that as a musician I can never finish learning?
  • Am I able to work more and to work harder than others?
  • Can I handle failures and disappointments and still keep going, without giving up on my goal?
On a double bass course in Rostock, you can expect:
  • a reasonable size class of eight to at most ten students, making it possible to work individually and intensively
  • regular and continuous double bass tuition (no student ever yet improved because the Professor was on tour!)
  • individual piano accompaniment for up to one hour a week
  • regular concerts by the class, internal and public
  • seminars with principal bass players of leading German orchestras
  • recordings of rehearsals, plus full recording productions using the latest digital technology
  • involvement in varied chamber music, theatrical, and of course orchestral projects
  • a "Pop/World Music" course, which invites you on to join in further activities
  • excellent outfitting, with eight double basses, a Yamaha grand piano, and two classrooms of our own, equipped with an Internet connection.
Just some of the reasons for studying double bass in Rostock. Other advantages are the attractive city on the Baltic coast with its wonderful environment, an excellent range of cultural and leisure options, and a lively pub scene.

from left to right
Emilio Peroni: piano accompaniment, Silvio Dalla Torre: double bass,
Henry Schwarzkopf: double bass teaching methods
Silvio Dalla Torre, Tobias Hammer, Hey-Sang Park