Tuesday September 22, 2020
Silvio Dalla Torre
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30 Years After...

My jaw practically dropped when I came upon a Korean website and found an old LP from the rock group "Odyssee" there. Many people who only know me as a "classical" musician don't know this: I have a non-classical prehistory and spent my musical youth exclusively in the base- ment practice room or the "shed". Odyssee was the successor band of the school band that I had founded with my friends as a 13-year old. In 1978, after years of hard practice and after all of our money from summer and other jobs had been invested in equipment for the band and the expansion of the gigantic rehearsal space, we recorded our first and only LP. This recording took place over 30 years ago, and I'd like to celebrate that. That's why you find the LP and all titles of the record here. Groovy Krautrock, characterised by the influences of the time, but still independent. My favourite song: Konstantinopel.

Volker Franke: Ludwig and Tama Drums, Latin Percussion, Glockenspiel
Silvio Dalla Torre: Stuart Spector Bass, Ibanez Fretless Bass,
Moog Taurus Bass Synthesizer
Friedhelm Wolff: Hammond M3 Organ, Mini Moog Synthesizer, Yamaha CS 60 Polyphonic Synthesizer, Solina String Ensemble
Werner Kienle: Wurlitzer Piano, Hohner Clavinet D6, Seiler Grand Piano,
Fender Stratocaster, Voice
Rainer Schön: Fender Stratocaster, Ibanez 12-String Guitar, Voice

Thanks for the great times!