Sunday September 20, 2020
Silvio Dalla Torre
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sidato II

One of my favourite pieces, Max Bruch’s "Kol Nidrei", which I played together with Jens Hoffmann in March 2008 and captured on video. I think that the piece works better when performed in fifths tuning than in fourths tuning.
The NDR-3 "Nordmagazin" made a documentary portrait about my work and my first steps with the bassetto in April 2005.
On 21.04.2007 Hans Roelofsen and I performed Jean Barrière’s "Sonate à deux" in a version for two double basses. Live and uncut – any deviations there may be are guaranteed authentic!
I devised a short programme with the pianist Carsten Storm as a framework for an exhibition opening on 08.04.2006. A listener spontaneously filmed it with the video function on her camera. The recording quality is not good but it is a nice melody, the Old Japanese "Nara Yama"!

You will find a further video here.