Sunday September 20, 2020
Silvio Dalla Torre
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Bass! How low can you go?

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In May 2008 the upcoming Leipzig label, GENUIN, issued a new CD of my duos with Matthias Petersen (piano). In October 2007 we produced seldom heard original sonatas for double bass and piano under the working title "Double Bass Sonatas of the 20th century" in the acoustically marvellous "Mendelssohn-Saal" of the Leipzig Gewandhaus.

We were looking for a suitable name for the project since we did not want to use this title for the CD because, although the pieces are very interesting and varied, taken as a whole they are not exactly typical of the music of the last century - but we had no luck. However the graphic designer bailed us out – since there was no title information he had to insert some dummy text which we found so novel that we decided to keep it.


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